Why Choose Us?

Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre is the best place to find your donor angel. Founded by a wealth of experience, the team here at Genesis International are experts in their field. We pride ourselves on our reputation and we are a Centre committed to the highest standards.

With donor eggs already frozen and ready to go, to egg donors awaiting a recipient for a fresh egg collection, to sperm donors offering their gametes and donor embryos from couples who have already created their families, Genesis International has you covered. Whatever your situation, we are always attentive to your needs and are here every step of the way to provide you with support and guidance.

You will be served here at Genesis International by a very experienced team of fertility experts. We have a lead nurse on board with over 10 years of donor and surrogacy experience within Australia, who understands the need for clear and concise communication, the importance of time and the need for trust and reliability.

Quality, transparency, safety and integrity are of utmost importance to us. You are ensured that all our donors meet Australia, Canada and U.K’s legislation. The donors had been fully screened for infectious diseases, had Myriad genetic testing, and had been counselled by an Australian registered Psychologist.

All Genesis International donors are anonymous donors.  However, they have agreed to the release of identifying information as per state/country legislation.

All egg donation procedures are performed in Malaysia through our partner IVF clinic (ISO 9001:2015)

The IVF Centre has won numerous awards and  is fully integrated with state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment to enable consistently high success rates for Genesis International’s recipients. The Centre achieves up to 80% clinical pregnancy rates, compared to the average of 40% in Australia. With proven impressive success rates, you can trust that we have experience in delivering results. The centre is one of the best in the industry.


Genesis International offers:

  • competitive pricing
  • one of the best guarantees for embryo creation
  • fast and efficient door to door delivery, known as the white glove service.

You can have peace of mind knowing that whatever package you choose, comes with a guarantee, because Genesis International wants success for you.

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