Getting Started

Getting Started for Egg Recipient


Contact Us

Once you complete our online contact form, we will get in touch with you. An information booklet will be sent to you with all the details about our plans and services. Then, we will schedule a call with you to hear about your needs and help make the appropriate arrangements.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about our program, donors, screening process, and treatment.  If you need further advice, our fertility experts are here to help.

Genesis International is currently establishing connections with Australian, Singapore and Hong Kong fertility clinics, creating families worldwide.


Donor Selection

Please take a look at our donor profiles or specify any preferences you have regarding your donor angel. You can also send photos of yourselves, or anything else that may help us find the best donor for you, if they are not available on our website.

Once we get the form, our dedicated team in Malaysia will look for donors who match your requests and send you their profiles.

You will have the option of seeing current photos and childhood photos of the donor. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive profile with medical history and detailed appearances of the donor. Our team will be here to support you every step of the way.


Confirmation with your chosen Fertility clinic

We will contact your chosen IVF Centre, to let them know that you have decided to proceed with frozen donor eggs. Your chosen Centre will then need to complete a donor approval form and agree to accept your imported donor eggs.



Signing of contract

Once you find your donor angel, you will sign a formal contract. This document will include full details of your chosen package, guarantees and payment method and terms.

Eggs, embryos or sperms can only be shipped until full payment is made.


Donor's time to shine

The chosen donor will go through hormonal stimulation within Genesis and will be cared for by Dr Peng Ng and his team. Egg retrieval will be scheduled based on stimulation progress and your timeline or frozen eggs may already be available in storage

Once the eggs are retrieved, you will  be notified and we will prepare your donor eggs for shipping.



Genesis International will be in contact with your IVF Centre or IVF Specialist. We will make shipping arrangements and oversee the shipping process.

We have chosen the white glove shipping service for you, which enables your precious cargo to be handheld for the duration of the journey from Malaysia to its end destination. This will also avoid X-ray exposure through airport customs.