Affiliated Clinics

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We are proud to announce that City Fertility has become our first affiliated IVF group of Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre. It is one of Australia’s leading IVF & fertility service groups with 12 clinics, 70 consulting rooms and 60 experienced Fertility Specialists nationwide.  City Fertility has proudly assisted in helping create over 14,000 babies since it was established in 2003.

City Fertility are part of CHA Medical Group, which is a renowned global healthcare network. Together, City Fertility provides exceptional care across the full fertility spectrum ensuring the best possible chances of conception.

We are privileged to be affiliated with Fertility Specialists of Western Australia (FSWA), extending Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre’s services to people on the western side of Australia. FSWA is part of City Fertility’s national network, which is now one of the world’s largest IVF partnerships. Together with City Fertility, FSWA will continue to grow in Australia witha strong focus on exemplary empathetic and personal approach to patient care; and excellence in reproductive medicine and research.

Eeve Donor Egg Bank is Australia’s premier egg bank. They work alongside their parent fertility and IVF clinic, City Fertility. They have created a unique and special tool to assist you in finding the perfect egg donor.

Genesis Egg and Sperm Centre proudly provides Asian eggs and embryos to Eeve Donor Egg Bank.

This is a unique service that compliments and broadens Eeve’s pool of donor eggs


We are proud to be partners with Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore, which is wholly owned by Virtus Health, one of the world’s most successful fertility service providers.

Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore is helping individuals and couples from across the southern-Asian region and they also help regional fertility centres in India and Vietnam.

We are proud to be partners with Reproductive Healthcare Hong Kong, which is Hong Kong’s first non-hospital-based IVF clinic founded in 1998. They aspire to provide high quality services as a centre of excellence with an exceptional group of specialists in their field. Their 2 clinics and 2 IVF laboratories are committed to providing high quality services and patient-centred care in a professional and caring manner.

We are delighted to welcome Connect IVF, as our newest affiliated IVF clinic!  Connect IVF is the most affordable IVF clinic in Sydney.  Connect IVF makes every effort to bulk bill as much as possible to help with financial burdens, but this does not mean they compromise on quality of service or fertility options.  The highly experienced fertility team delivers on excellent patient care, making availability to any Australian couple wanting to start/grow their family.

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