About Us

Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre is a reputable donor egg, sperm and embryo Centre with a comprehensive donor database, specialising in Asian gametes. Our aim is to help create opportunity for you to achieve your dream of creating and growing your family.


Our Vision

To play a pivotal part in people’s lives by creating families worldwide.

Our Mission

Building opportunities for new beginnings by providing a high-quality donor egg, embryo and sperm Centre.

Our Values

  • Integrity
    • to protect the interests of the donors and recipients.
    • To have an honest and ethical business approach
    • To ensure the highest standard of quality and safety
  • Innovation and development
    • To support the culture of continuous scientific research
    • To strive for excellence in clinical and laboratory services with advanced technologies and expertise
  • To treasure the creation of life

Our Founders

Dr Peng H. Ng

Kate Wilford

What is our purpose and why we differ from other donor centres?

A unique origin story, Genesis International is founded by two brothers with the same profession, both highly-experienced and esteemed IVF Specialists but living countries apart.  With a shared passion to help those with a desire to become parents achieve their goal, it was on this dream that Genesis International was created.  A company built on trust, blood and communication – is what sets us apart.  Combining their profound knowledge, experience, extensive resources and cutting-edge technology, Genesis International is aspiring to be the best in the industry.

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