Here are some of the frequently ask questions. If you can’t find the answer here, please  contact us.

The procedure takes place at a renowned IVF Centre in Malaysia. The centre is a state-of-the-art facility and fully compliant to Australian, UK and Canadian industry standards. Their doctors and embryologists are fully qualified to ensure all procedures are performed professionally and to the highest standards of quality & safety for our donors.

Absolutely. We believe everyone deserves a chance to become parents. Our egg donation programs are available to everyone.

Absolutely. We believe everyone deserves a chance to become parents. Our egg donation programs are available to everyone.

Genesis International employs a team responsible for finding and evaluating potential donors. Donors that meet our strict standards and requirements go through extensive psychological evaluations. Those who pass all evaluations are accepted into the program and go through additional medical tests.

Yes. We are incredibly proud of our in-depth evaluations. A psychologist meets with each potential donor. They make sure she fully understands the process and has considered all the emotional implications of a donation for her and her family. They also ensure she is participating voluntarily. All donors that participate in our Australian program also meet with an Australian psychologist to consider the local legislation and potential contact with the offspring born from the donation. Genesis International will never accept a donor into the program unless we are sure she understands the consequences and gives informed consent.

Yes, you can get a childhood and a current photo of the donor

Not all eggs can survive the thawing process.  However, there is a guarantee if no transferable embryo is obtained.

Yes! All donors have consented to their identity being released to any offspring born from the donation, once they turn 18 years of age or sufficient maturity.

Women aged 18-32 can apply to the donor egg program.

Once potential donors pass psychological evaluations, our team asks them to provide blood samples for both medical and genetic testing. This includes screening for infectious diseases and genetic carrier status. All results are reviewed by the Specialist at the IVF Centre who chooses which donors are qualified to donate eggs in the Genesis International Egg program.

Egg donations help recipients who are unable to use their own eggs for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Premature ovarian failure/ women with a low egg count / low-quality eggs.
  • Women who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapies, resulting in a low egg count.
  • Women who had a unilateral or bilateral oophorectomy.
  • Egg donation may help LGBTQI+ couples/ singles to realise their dreams of parenthood.

Yes all donors comply with Australian legislation.

Up to 60% and 70%

It may be that another recipient has chosen this donor and made full payment. Please email us to confirm and assist in finding another donor or to see if this particular donor is coming through our egg program again.

Yes you can and we will deduct the 2nd package shipping fees.

Please email us and we will assist as best we can.

Each package comes with 8 eggs.  You can however purchase 2 or more packages and we will discount the shipping cost.

Unfortunately, you cannot.

Full infectious screenings, Myriad genetic carrier screening and family history screening.

Please see link to website provided – https://myriadwomenshealth.com/provider-foresight/

Genesis International is a specialised and professional service that is responsible for providing donor gametes and will help with the safe transportation of your gametes to your chosen IVF Centre.  Once your gametes arrive, the final steps will be performed by your trusted IVF Specialist.

The semen used for fertilization must be obtained by ejaculation, and not through surgical extraction TESA, PESA, MESA etc. A semen analysis must be performed within 1 year of the signed contract and must show >1 million total motile sperm and sperm morphology >3%.

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