Options and Pricing

Available Packages

Below are the available packages at the moment-

Package I - Frozen eggs

$ 27,500 (AU) Inclusive Australian/Hong Kong recipients and $ 25,500 (AU) Inclusive Singapore recipients

  • 8 frozen eggs shipped to your clinic of choice. If your IVF clinic permits, a combination of 2 donor’s eggs can be provided.
  • Guarantee – 1x Day 5-7 embryo
  • IVF will take place within your chosen clinic following a highly regarded protocol.
  • If your clinic is unsuccessful in gaining a Day 5-7 embryo. Genesis International will give you a one-time replacement of 6 frozen eggs. Shipping will be charged at $2,700 extra (may differ with current exchange rate at the time and location)
  • We can offer White Glove freight service which is hand carried door to door, avoiding delays and X-rays.

Additional frozen eggs – $2500 (AUD) each (max 4)

(If additional eggs are purchased the extra eggs do not attract any guarantee)

Donor Sperm – $1100 per vial in combination with package 1.

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