Specialising in Asian Eggs and Sperm

Genesis International and a renowned Malaysian IVF Centre have joined forces to assist recipients looking for Asian donor gametes. We are a specialised and professional service that is responsible for assisting and providing you with your chosen donor gametes and the safe transportation of your gametes to your chosen IVF Centre.  Once your gametes arrive, the final steps will be performed by your trusted IVF Specialist.Read More + »

Over 70% clinical pregnancy rates

Genesis International is passionate about helping patients achieve their dream of parenthood.

It is something we take very seriously and hope by empowering you with as much information as possible that is clear and concise will enable you to make an informed decision.

As you can see, we believe in transparency when it comes to our IVF success rates and the cost of our donor packages. There are no hidden extras, it is all here in black and white for you to see.Read More + »

Top Specialists in Malaysia and Australia

Genesis International is founded by two brothers with the same profession, both highly experienced and esteemed IVF Specialists but living countries apart.  With a shared passion to help those with a desire to become parents achieve their goal, it was on this dream that Genesis International was created.  A company built on trust, blood and communication – is what sets us apart.  Combining their profound knowledge, 30+ years experience, extensive resources and cutting-edge technology.Read More + »


More About Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre

Genesis International Egg and Sperm Centre is a reputable donor egg, sperm and embryo Centre with a comprehensive donor database, specialising in Asian gametes. Our aim is to help create opportunity for you to achieve your dream of creating and growing your family.

We understand that making a decision to embark on the journey of parenthood using donor gametes can be extremely difficult mentally, emotionally and financially. Therefore, Genesis International, alongside a reputable and renowned Malaysian IVF Centre have joined together to make this journey as streamlined as possible, ensuring the highest-quality service that is fully informative, fully supportive and cost effective.

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Up to 80% clinical pregnancy rates
Friendly and helpful staff
Very experienced fertility team
Lead by the best in the industry
Committed to highest standards
Reliable, transparent, efficient and devoted to quality


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These are the two available packages :-

Package 1 – Frozen eggsMost Popular

  • $ 27,500 – Australian Recipient 
  • $ 25,500 – Singapore Recipient 
  • 8 frozen eggs shipped to your clinic of choice.
  • Guarantee – 1x Day 5-7 embryo
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